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ESF Sustainable Employability

The EU and the Dutch government want to keep people working longer and want to enlarge the labor productivity of the working population. For this reason, the subsidy scheme 'ESF Sustainable Employability' has been created, with which employees can receive subsidies for activities that have a positive effect on the internal and/or external labor mobility of employees. Projects that are included in the subsidy scheme can have an impact on measures to improve the health and the vitality of employees, but also their involvement and productivity. Initiatives to strengthen the internal and external labor mobility in order to ensure the attractiveness of the employees, for both the organization as the labor market, are also included. Furthermore, research projects that are focussed on how employees can be actively included in the improvement of the organization of work will also be considered.

More information about applying can be found here. Application will be available from September 2017.
(Note: this website is only available in Dutch)

Sports events

The municipality of Utrecht wants to make sure as many Utrechters as possible do sports. In this way every Utrechter can discover his or her talent and develop it further. Organizations can apply for a subsidy for organizing a professional sports event or a recreational sports event. More information is available here.
(Note: this website is only available in Dutch)