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The Utrecht Science Park boasts a beautifully green environment and a sportive atmosphere. It offers various pleasant opportunities to be active, which are available and accessible to all.

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Get Fit Cargo Bike

Throughout September, the Get Fit Cargo Bike will offer all sorts of free (!) exercises on the Utrecht Science Park. The activities are freely accessible and there is no need to sign up! Due to the diverse program, there is a suitable workout for everyone: join our bootcamp at the Leuvenlaan or relax during a yoga class in the Botanical Gardens. Want to know more? Have a look on the Get Fit Cargo Bike page or in the calendar to see in which activities you would like to participate!

Free sports offer on Olympos

Are you keen to make use of the fitness, tennis, squash, beach volleyball or Kalymnos climbing facilities? It is all possible with the OlymPas. Click here for a list of the free sports Olympos has on offer. With the OlymPas you can also participate freely in all group lessons (over 70 each week), nearly all the courses and more!

USP Active at your workplace

We also organise group lessons on location. Have you got an enthusiastic team of colleagues? Find out the options through e-mail via

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