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Sports programmes

The Utrecht Science Park boasts a beautifully green environment and a sportive atmosphere. It offers various pleasant opportunities to be active, which are available and accessible to all.

Running practices

Running practices for various distances
Do you want to prepare properly for your section of the USP Marathon or another running event, together with your colleagues? Starting the week of September 1, Olympos will offer running practices for different levels and distances. Training once a week under supervision of a professional trainer ensures an accountable way of pushing your boundaries.

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Tennis for staff

Our tennis courses take place on the all-weather tennis courts at Olympos. Olympos and tennis club TC de Uithof are working together in offering these courses. When you participate in a course you will have lessons once a week during a set day and time.

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Body fit for staff

This group lesson is directed at anyone above 40 who wishes to work on his or her condition in an accessible way. Without jumping or complex choreographies, but with a focus on muscle strengthening exercises, improving your stamina and fun!  The result will be a fitter and stronger body.

When: Wednesdays 17.30-18.30
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Workout Mix

Do you like sports, but are you unsure about your level or about what sports suits you best? Or do you wish to be active at a more moderate level for a longer period, perhaps because you have an impairment or handicap? The group lesson ‘Workout Mix’ includes a range of easily accessible sports and offers you the chance to discover new sports, all geared to your level and supervised by expert instructors.

When: Thursdays 11.30-12.25
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BRN® is the ultimate body shaping workout and stands for ‘the Body u Really Need’. It is an accessible, effective and predominantly motivational group lesson aimed at all aspects that allow for a fit, strong and beautiful body. You will burn calories optimally and get your whole body into shape! BRN® means cardio, muscle toning exercises and core training all at once.

When: Mondays 15.45-16.30, tuesdays 12.30-13.15, thursdays 10.15-11.00 and fridays 09.15-10.00.
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Small Group Training

Are you seeking personal instruction but do you prefer to practise in a group? Small group training might be just up your street! 

Supervised by a personal trainer, you will take part in a 60 minute practice in a group of a minimum of two and a maximum of ten athletes. While it is indeed a personal training, you will enjoy the benefits of training with a group. As the group is only small, you will be able to work towards your own goals while close attention is paid to your technique, posture and whether you are being sufficiently challenged. 

When: Tuesdays 16.30-17.45 and thursdays 16.30-17.45.
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Futsal (5-a-side)

The Olympos Futsal League is aimed at, in particular, students and staff in higher education in Utrecht and offers them the opportunity to participate in an internal Futsal league at a recreational level. The Olympos Futsal League is divided into the Thursday and Friday competitions. Each of these days features a separate competition with various divisions which differ in level and time of play. Each team plays an average of two matches a month. At the end of the season, the competition finishes with a Champions and Europe League .

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The 7-a-side League played on the artificial turf pitch is based on the KNVB’s 45+ League with a Spring term competition. The league season lasts an average of seven weeks during which period the teams play about 7 matches. The matches are played on half an artificial turf pitch with small goals and according to the KNVB league rules. Match time is 2 times 25 minutes.

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Squash ladder

Sportcentrum Olympos has introduced a smart way to connect with other squash players via your mobile phone or computer. Just add your profile and check who is available. Join the squash ladder competition and play games at your level every other week.

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Tennis ladder

Would you like to play tennis with other tennis players of your level?
In addition to the squash ladder, Olympos now also has a tennis ladder.

Do you play too? Participation is free with OlymPas. You only have to specify your level and on which days you like to play.

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