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Group lessons

The group lessons below are organised especially for Science Park employees. If you are interested in a complete overview of all group lessons at Olympos, click here. To join the group lessons below, you will need a valid OlymPas.  Click here for more information on the reservation and cancellation of group lessons.

Body Strength Strength

Try body strength and perform a variety of fun and challenging exercises by - predominantly - using your own body weight. It will not only improve your functional strength but also your muscle coordination (motor skills) and balance.

When: Mondays 16.30-17.30.
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Yogalates Flexibility Strength Healthy Mind

Yogalates is a combination of Pilates en yoga. The dynamic Pilates exercises are interchanged with standing-up and sitting-down yoga positions that are coupled with a conscious breathing.  The lesson also includes power yoga exercises to give it a more dynamic character. Yogalates provides your body with the advantages of practising both yoga and Pilates. Stronger muscles, an improved posture and core stability, as well as an improved circulation, increased resistance and fewer tension-related complaints.

When: Wednesdays 16.30-17.30, thursdays 12.30-13.15.
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Body fit for staff Strength Cardio Focus

This group lesson is directed at anyone above 40 who wishes to work on his or her condition in an accessible way. Without jumping or complex choreographies, but with a focus on muscle strengthening exercises, improving your stamina and fun!  The result will be a fitter and stronger body.

When: Wednesdays 17.30-18.30
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Workout Mix Strength Cardio

Do you like sports, but are you unsure about your level or about what sports suits you best? Or do you wish to be active at a more moderate level for a longer period, perhaps because you have an impairment or handicap? The group lesson ‘Workout Mix’ includes a range of easily accessible sports and offers you the chance to discover new sports, all geared to your level and supervised by expert instructors.

When: Thursdays 11.30-12.25
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BRN Cardio Focus Strength

BRN® is the ultimate body shaping workout and stands for ‘the Body u Really Need’. It is an accessible, effective and predominantly motivational group lesson aimed at all aspects that allow for a fit, strong and beautiful body. You will burn calories optimally and get your whole body into shape! BRN® means cardio, muscle toning exercises and core training all at once.

When: Mondays 15.45-16.30, tuesdays 12.30-13.15, thursdays 10.15-11.00 and fridays 09.15-10.00.
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Small Group Training Strength Cardio Focus

Are you seeking personal instruction but do you prefer to practise in a group? Small group training might be just up your street! 

Supervised by a personal trainer, you will take part in a 60 minute practice in a group of a minimum of two and a maximum of ten athletes. While it is indeed a personal training, you will enjoy the benefits of training with a group. As the group is only small, you will be able to work towards your own goals while close attention is paid to your technique, posture and whether you are being sufficiently challenged. 

When: Tuesdays 16.30-17.45 and thursdays 16.30-17.45.
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USP Active at your workplace

We also organise group lessons on location. Have you got an enthusiastic team of colleagues? Find out the options through e-mail via