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The courses below are organised especially for employees and are therefore shown on this page. If you are interested in a complete overview of all courses at Olympos, click here. To join the courses below, you will need a valid OlymPas.

Running practices Cardio Strength

Running practices for various distances
Do you want to prepare properly for your section of the USP Marathon or another running event, together with your colleagues? Starting the week of September 1, Olympos will offer running practices for different levels and distances. Training once a week under supervision of a professional trainer ensures an accountable way of pushing your boundaries.

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Yoga for staff Flexibility Healthy Mind

You do not need to read a lot on mindfulness or good intentions. All you need to do is work on yourself during and at work. With yoga for staff you apply mindfulness, yoga and pilates in your work environment. It does not cost a lot of time, rather earns it in time. You learn to relax during work, are more conscious of every moment and take your responsibility for your own rest and health.

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Pilates for staff Flexibility Strength

Want to start your day active and fit? This work-out offers the ideal combination of relaxation and intensity. Through a mix of Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, mindfulness and core training, you will be contributing towards a physical and mental balance. The very accessible stretching exercises, movement and postures performed on energetic music are suitable to all. Special focus will be put on your abdominal and back muscles (your “core”). 

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Tennis for staff Cardio Focus

Our tennis courses take place on the all-weather tennis courts at Olympos. Olympos and tennis club TC de Uithof are working together in offering these courses. When you participate in a course you will have lessons once a week during a set day and time.

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USP Active at your workplace

We also organise courses on location! Have you got an enthusiastic team of colleagues? Find out the options through

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