Actief USP


Concepts such as sustainable employability and the vitality of employees increasingly arise in the HR policy debates. It is often not clear, however, what is the best way to realise this. Previously, people used to sport or be active at set times at their own clubs; nowadays, they tend to be active before, during or after work. And they ‘demand’ a wide selection of options.

For this reason, the large organisations at the Utrecht Science Park (Utrecht University, HU University of Applied Sciences, UMC Utrecht and the Hubrecht Institute) have entered into collaborative agreements with Sportcentrum Olympos. At Sportcentrum Olympos, the home base of nearly all Utrecht student sports clubs, employees can take part in a wide range of programmes (climbing, group lessons, fitness, tennis, squash, etc.) against a reduced tariff. It turns out, however, that employees would also like more tailor-made sports programmes as well better information about these programmes. “USP Active” is filling this gap and acts as a platform for all sports and other physical activities at the Science Park, both for employees and employers.

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