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Strength Training

The word ‘strength training’ can be a bit frightening for some people. Often it is associated with body builders and hours of sweating in gyms. However, strength training exists in many different forms: not only fitness gyms, but also bootcamp, pilates and different group lessons include some sort of strength building. Also ab workouts and other body weight work outs ensure stronger muscles, which has many advantages!

Working on your core stability is important: strong abs and a functional core ensure a balanced body and ensure that other muscles are able to carry out their function optimally. The better your core stability, the lower the chance of injury thanks to an improvement of your balance and coordination.  Your balance and coordination play a great role in healthy exercise: not just with intensive exercise, but also with walking and cycling. But that coordination is one of the things that deteriorate with age. In order to remain fit and vital, it is important to keep your coordination up. On the long haul this will also reduce risks such as falling and bone fractures.

Not only your muscles profit from strength training, also your joints and tendons. Stronger muscles, joints and tendons are less susceptible to injury, which then again comes in handy in other forms of sports such as cardio. Regular strength training can also lead to an increased bone mass, with decreases the chances of getting osteoporosis. It can also alleviate different ‘ails’, mostly pain in the lower back region. Ideal when you sit behind a desk a lot!


Even during and around work, you can do some (light) strength training! You can join in with the (free!) bootcamp, which can be found in the calendar. After work you can maybe follow a class of Powerpump or swing by during your lunch break for a Workout Mix lesson on Sportcentrum Olympos. Or you can make use of the bootcamp square on the Leuvenlaan during your (lunch) walk by doing a few pull ups, push ups and sit ups. Prefer not to leave the building? Even behind your desk you can easily do several strength exercises!

Core stability is also good to train during, for example, yoga and pilates classes, or simply in the office or on the bootcamp square. And coordination can also be used during a game of soccer, with exercises on a speed ladder or animal walks.

Do you want to know more about the Strength Training facilities at Olympos? Click here for more information about our Strength Sports Gym Kratistos!


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