Actief USP


Constantly concentrating during a work day is challenging and it requires many energies. Exercising not only renew your energy physically, but also mentally: even a short amount of exercise has a positive impact on your attention, memory, and speed in information processing.  Active breaks are indicated to positively affect cognitive performance based on a relocation of cortical activity and to positively modulate brain functions by increasing neural activity and/or by activating additional brain areas. After exercising you will be mentally charged and ready to face your work challenges!

Furthermore, sport helps in developing life and soft skills, a combination of social skills and communication skills that enables people to navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals with complementing hard skills. Exercising and training leads to increase characteristics such as commitment, resilience, teamwork, medium-long term planning, defeat acceptance and success management, the ambition and the determination to achieve goals.


Build up your character with sessions of BRN and join in with the (free!) bootcamp, which can be found in the calendar. You can also stimulate your attention with game strategies in tennis and squash or team sports such as futsal.


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