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Of course strong muscles and good fitness are a nice base. But in order to be able to make use of this in the most optimal way, it is very important to have enough flexibility and mobility. Stretching regularly, for example, can ensure an increased range of motion, which makes participating in exercises easier. It also decreases the chance of injuries and ensures a better posture.


Stretching too enthusiastic and/or too inexperienced can, namely, lead to the diminution of muscle strength and increase the chance of injury. Therefore it is important to do this in a responsible way, such as during a yoga class. These are offered for free with the Get Fit Cargo Bike in the Botanical Gardens! Have a look on the calendar for the exact dates. Prefer to exercise inside? At Sportcentrum Olympos they have different yoga and pilates classes on offer where flexibility is an important part of. But also Pole Fitness makes use of flexibility in the classes. And of course you can do different stretches and mobility exercises at the office!


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