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Cardio, short for cardiovascular training, is usually mentioned along with an improved fitness. Cardio strengthens your heart and increases the maximum absorption of oxygen, which improves your endurance. But there are also other advantages: cardio also has positive effects on the blood sugar level, it diminishes the chance of getting diabetes type 2 and it protects you from developing Alzheimer’s disease. On top of that cardio helps improving your memory and it has positive effects on the skin since it improves the blood circulation. Cardio also helps with the gaining and maintaining of a healthy weight through a higher level of fat burning. In this infographic you can see all these advantages.

Cardio also works well in combination with strength training and/or functional training, which are two other aspects within the healthy exercise menu. These three aspects have favorable effects when implemented in the workplace, during and around a day of work. Cardio ensured a healthier weight and a healthier cholesterol level among employees and besides improved the work capacity of the employees. As a consequence of more exercise, employees became more productive and improved their health significantly.


Cardio can be worked into your work day in different ways. You can go to work walking or cycling. You can take your running shoes with you and have a jog during your lunch break or you can participate in a class of BRN at Sportcentrum Olympos (around lunch or at the end of your work day). Or make use of your break by participating with the (free!) bootcamp on Wednesdays on the bootcamp square at the Leuvenlaan, where cardio is combined with strength building. The bootcamp class is held every Wednesday from 12.30 PM till 1.15 PM and are accessible for every level.


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