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Sit less, feel better!

The Sportcentrum Olympos offers a new program to change our sitting behaviour: the Active Break is a 15-minute session of dynamic exercises in your office with an Olympos instructor.


You can register through our online booking system (on the right). You can register now for an active break on the days specified in the booking system.
To book a session you need a group of 3-15 colleagues. The person who books the active break will be the contact person for that session.

Registration system

Follow these five steps in order to register:

  1. Service: Here you fill in your chosen activity Active Break (office activity), the location, and the starting date from which you could be available.
  2. Time: Here you can choose the date and time per session.
    The active break session is of 15 minutes. If time allows, the remaining 15 minutes can be used by participants to ask some questions to the instructor, otherwise the instructor has to move to the next Active Break location.
  3. Cart: Here you can book your sessions. If you want to book multiple sessions, click ‘book more’ and repeat the last step until you have booked the desired sessions.
  4. Details: Here you can fill in your contact data, the building and room number where the session will take place and the group size.
    Payment details: Here you can write the contact details to fill the invoice. If it is your first free active break, please write down "first free trial".
  5. Done: You will receive a confirmation email with the booked sessions.

Special offers

Book your first free trial active break!
Fill all your details on the booking system and you will be contacted by our team to structure your session.

Are you satisfied after your try-out? Here 2 special offers to change your sitting behaviour!

  • 9-times stamp card: € 395,00
  • 3 months once a week (11 active breaks): € 434,50
After the first time you buy a package, you will receive 1 more active break for the same price!

Prices are exempt from VAT

NB In the 3 months-package, the active breaks will be scheduled every week at the same day and time.

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